It is not immediate to define PREMIATA, just as it is not easy to define a land without visible borders.
Premiata represents the soul of its founder, Graziano Mazza, entrepreneur, creative, eclectic innovator and expert in the footwear sector. 
PREMIATA stands out for its strong identity and proposes itself with a brand new, provocative and different image and narrative. The brand is soon associated with a new creativity and research, accompanied by a premium construction technique, evolution of the craft typical of the land of its foundation, places where the company is still based. These are the characteristics that allow Premiata to invent new models of shoes that have become part of the history of costume and are often re-proposed by international brands and brands of primary importance within their collections. One example, among many others, is the "francesina senza lacci", which is commonly defined as the "Premiata" model.
PREMIATA has no decipherable boundaries and has, as its obvious typicality, a range of masterly and innovative products of different and proper stylistic extraction, men's and women's collections whose richness is unprecedented on the entire international market. High-end leather shoes. Boots with extreme bottoms. Shoes in vintage leather. Retro-running sneakers with precious fabrics, technical trekking with Vibram bottoms in a fashionable version. Chunky sneakers (SIZEY). Workwear models that actually represent precious objects of Design. Innovative and stylish backpacks that are an infinite surprise in their functionality.
Award-winning, by definition of its founder and his collaborators, is a "liquid" brand. It transforms continuously and in every direction, in an unpredictable way, following unexplored traces, as if it were impossible to hold it back. In respect of what is a dogma of its creator: "it is the proportions that make a product always current and ensure that they never age in time". utilizza i cookie per garantire una migliore esperienza sul sito. Continuando la navigazione, si acconsente all'utilizzo dei cookie. OK  Cookie Policy